Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

When do I know whether I can participate and whether my presentation was accepted? 

After your registration, you will receive an automatic e-mail reply that confirms that your registration has been successful. After the registration deadline, we are going to read all applications and to draw the agenda of the conference. We are going to try to inform all participants and lecturers until Christmas Season.

How much does it cost to participate?

The conference fee is 325 Euro, including accommodation in a double room, 380 Euro in a single room. Daytime participants pay 70 Euro. You will receive the information about the bank transfer of fees together with your application confirmation.

Is it possible to get a reduction of fees?

As the venue is booked completely for the conference, it was possible to get an inclusive price for participants. After having considered the budget of donations received, we are going to check if it is possible to give a partial reimbursement.

Which size do you prefer for posters?

We prefer A0-posters, in vertical alignment.

Which languages do you prefer for lectures and posters?

We prefer English as language for lectures and posters.

If you have further questions please contact us.