Conference 2019

Participants of the 32nd Conference in Dabringhausen (please click to enlarge)

32nd Conference "Molecular Biology of Plants"

Team of organization: Dorothee Staiger, Stefan Rensing and Rüdiger Hell

Conference hotel: Haus Maria in der Aue, Dabringhausen im Bergischen Land

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2019: Reinhold von Sengbusch Prize for presentations

Reinhold von Sengbusch Award for best talks (please click to enlarge)

Katharina J. Winkel: Identification of a highly substrate-specific phosphatase representing an entry point into purine nucleotide catabolism
Universität Hannover

Jana Christin Askani: Getting a grip on provacuoles
Universität Heidelberg

José Manuel Ugalde: Real-time monitoring of plastid-induced oxidation of the cytosolic glutathione pool
Universität Bonn

2019: Reinhold von Sengbusch Prize for posters

Reinhold von Sengbusch Award for best posters (please click to enlarge)

Alexander Kutschera: LORE-mediated immune sensing of bacterial metabolites
TU München, Freising

Lisa-Marie Schmid: PUMPKIN, the sole Plastid UMP Kinase, Associates with Group II Introns and Alters Their Metabolism
LMU Planegg-Martinsried

Chen Lin: Determination of adventitious root system architecture in rice by environmental factors
Universität Kiel

25 Jan 2019

Final Programme

The final programme of the 32nd Conference "Molecular Biology of Plants" in Dabringhausen, Germany, is ready. #MBP2019

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