Conference 2019

Participants of the 32nd Conference in Dabringhausen (please click to enlarge)

32nd Conference "Molecular Biology of Plants"

Team of organization: Dorothee Staiger, Stefan Rensing and Rüdiger Hell

Conference hotel: Haus Maria in der Aue, Dabringhausen im Bergischen Land

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2019: Reinhold von Sengbusch Prize for presentations

Reinhold von Sengbusch Award for best talks (please click to enlarge)

Katharina J. Winkel: Identification of a highly substrate-specific phosphatase representing an entry point into purine nucleotide catabolism
Universität Hannover

Jana Christin Askani: Getting a grip on provacuoles
Universität Heidelberg

José Manuel Ugalde: Real-time monitoring of plastid-induced oxidation of the cytosolic glutathione pool
Universität Bonn

2019: Reinhold von Sengbusch Prize for posters

Reinhold von Sengbusch Award for best posters (please click to enlarge)

Alexander Kutschera: LORE-mediated immune sensing of bacterial metabolites
TU München, Freising

Lisa-Marie Schmid: PUMPKIN, the sole Plastid UMP Kinase, Associates with Group II Introns and Alters Their Metabolism
LMU Planegg-Martinsried

Chen Lin: Determination of adventitious root system architecture in rice by environmental factors
Universität Kiel

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